Sunday, July 27, 2008

Approaching Doom

In the lapse between post numero uno and post dva I have: quit my job in hell(yay!), spent a week in Miami, packed up (most of) my apartment and visited my grandparents for a final farewell. Left on the list is a number of items, including the most important event in the history of mankind: my birthday. It's tomorrow. And to celebrate I will be in one of the most beautiful cities on Earth: Savannah, GA. I think I just peed myself.

Following this rolicking good time will be my move back home. Spend my final weeks with the parents, tie up some legal loose ends, the use. Nothing too exciting should happen. But who knows. And then Philly! My final step before embarking on this wonderful journey... and hours upon hours of what I'm sure will be time well spent orientating (word? yes? no?) myself with Peace Corps and everything that goes along with it. May the force be with me.