Saturday, November 20, 2010

Back in God's Country

I've officially been home for thirteen days now and I'm not going to lie, it still kind of feels like a dream. I can have a car? I can go to the gym? I can bathe? I can have a paying job? I can eat anything I want? No way!

It's amazing having control over my life again.

After being in Peace Corps for two years and having no control over anything, I realize how good I had it here and I've definitely learned to appreciate it. Needless to say, I'm not leaving home anytime soon.

Things I've accomplished since being home:
Got my hairs did (I'm blond again! Yay!)
Got car insurance
Got a job
Got a gym membership
Eaten delicious food-stuffs
Spent quality time with family and friends
Bought shoes (obvi most important thing on the list)

More to come :)

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T said...

You have experienced a ton! Would love to talk about the parts you left out. Lol. Good stuff, really!